Plosab Co

Autput of sediments from water areas, rivers, carry out the swamp from lakes

Plosab Co is the Company, which offers complexe services apply to a floating suction excavator since 2007. Our Company has a market chiefly by floating suction excavators in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

We own, operate, construct, manufacture and repair floating suction excavators.

Before the mining sediment, we are able to make an initial survey, sampling, laboratory analysis and geodetic survey. We offer post processing of mined sediment.

We work in the Czech and Slovak Republic.

of ponds

Mining of sediments

of sediments

 Drainage sediments


Focus sediments


 Machine and locksmith service

We provide mining of sediments  by floating suction  dredgers from ponds, rivers and industrial sumps.

Subsequently we extrected sediment by mechanical proces technology or technologies  GeoTube Tencate®.

We offer acredited sediment sampling, processing and analysis of sediment sample in acredited laboratory.
We are certified for the production, repair an reconstruction of crafts including  rigging and equipment.

Mining of sediments – dredging of areas water by floating suction excavators

Mining of sediments

Our offer includes all necessary activities of the investment plan, through the extraction and transportation of goods for processing and storage of extracted sediment.
When implementing dredging ponds and rivers we start from many years of experience with floating suction dredging mining and the processing of extracted sediment.

We benefit from any depth and material, we are able to draw up to a distance of several kilometers. Extracted saturated material can be further processed - drained.

Dredging of ponds – next services

We provide services related to dredging of ponds , rivers and water areas:

Dredging of ponds – next services

  • research and analysis of samples
  • establishment of appropriate technology dredging and disposal of sediment harvested
  • design work
  • Service in identifying and applying for financial support for the implementation of the action
  • counseling with pond management and recovery tanks loaded with nutrients

The above services are provided by external sources as well.

Accredited laboratory - measuring sediment by focusing boatAccredited laboratory - measuring sediment by focusing boat

Since 2010, we provide the focus areas of water measuring boat VODOMĚRKA including data processing, calculation of quantities and printing maps.

Sediment sampling and processing in an accredited laboratory

We offer accredited sediment sampling , processing and analysis of sediment sample in an accredited laboratory evaluation of the results of analysis, sampling and detection of agrochemical properties of the soil on which sediment is to be used, and a study on the possible use of sediments from water reservoirs.
All services provided by a team of professionals in their field.