Floating suction dredger Vasek – silt removal from ponds

Floating suction dredger for the extraction of commonly deep ponds, reservoirs, sediments and rivers, which can be moved from the vehicle to the water surface without the help of a crane.


Silt removal from ponds and water reservoirs Suction dredge Vašek - pond dredging

is designed for removal of sediments and sludge from the bottom of watercourses and reservoirs using both suction and other operating attachments. Furthermore, the suction dredger is able to use other operating attachments common to excavators which carry out earthworks on the water bodies or in their vicinity.


The suction dredger can move in water and also on land

The floating suction dredger is designed as a floating machine with the possibility of fixation during the work either by four hydraulically operated supports or ropes. Due to the robust construction of the floor plate, the machine can work on water shallows where it can no longer swim or alternatively it can work on land.

The floating suction dredger is self-propelled. It moves on the surface using a propeller. Behind the cabin are three hydraulically powered winches with a brake, which can be used to move the vessel on the surface or for fixation at greater depths.


Description of the suction dredger

The base of the suction dredger is a steel float. At the front of the float is positioned a dreging arm which can revolve about a vertical axis and is composed of a boom, a shaft and the appropriate working tool.

At the front part of the float are on the sides the folding supports with hydraulic control, which serve to fix the machine during its work and to lift the machine for its loading on a low loader during the transportation.

At the rear of the machine are two hydraulically operated piles, which can be in addition to the vertical movement. Piles are used to fix the machine during the works and when moving on land. With the help of piles the machine can be lifted for loading on a low loader.


Transportation of the Suction Dredger


Shoulder height on the low loader 5 m (1,4 m loader)
Cab height on low loader 4,8 m (1m trailer)
Width of Suction Dredger 3,2 m
Pontoon length of SD 10 m
Length including folded arm 12,5 m
SD´s weight with the low loader 33,70 t (excluding tools and fuel)
Weight 15,20 t
Weight SB 18,50 t (excluding tools and fuel)

Sailing dimensions of the suction dredger

Length including folded arm 12,5 m
Maximum width 10,6 m
Minimum width of sailing 5,20 m (raised side supports)
Height 3,2 m (0,63 m draft, folded arm)

Exctraction parameters of the suction dredger

Depth of extraction – undermining scoop 4,30 m
Depth of extraction - milling pump 5,30 m
Maximum extraction depth – undermining scoop 6,50 m (extended arm, operation with the help of ropes)
Maximum extraction depth - milling pump 7,50 m (extended arm, operation with the help of ropes)
Extraction performance (drainage) 3 m3/min
Conveying distance 1,7 km (greater distance is solved by the pumping station)
The head 12 m or more