Floating suction dredger Watermaster – Removal of silt from ponds and rivers

The Floating Suction Dredger - Watermaster is capable of extracting densely packed material up to the depth of 5.4 m

The floating suction dredger moves on the surface using a propeller. In working position it is stabilized by hydraulically operated piles. The excavator is able to climb in or out of the water surface and stand up in such a way so that the low-loader, which is designed for transportation between workplaces, runs underneath it.


Watermaster - transportation parameters


Length 12,60 m
Width 3,25 m
Height 3,05 m
Weight approx 17 t

Specifications of suction dredger Watermaster

Angle of rotation 180°
Maximum reach 7,45 m
Dredging by excavator 4,3 m
Suction of sludge 5,4 m
Pumping to a height 30 m
Pumping to a height using feed pumps 100 m
Conveying distance of sludge 2000 m
Performance 180 – 240 m3 / per hour
Performance of the drive unit 129 W

Sailing dimensions of the suction Watermaster dredger

Maximum stabiliser depth at the front 3,7 m
Maximum rear stabiliser depth 4,9 m
Maximum submersion 0,86 m