Electric floating suction dredger Honza

Floating suction dredger HONZA is designed for extraction-suction of sediment from water reservoirs. The excavator was designed and built in the workshops of PLOSAB Ltd. During its construction, we bulit on many years of experience of extraction of solid coal sludge. The suction dredger HONZA is designed for efficient sediment extraction from large water areas up to 12 m deep.


The suction dredger propellers are electric, electric power is brought to the dredger from the coast switchboard by a floating cable (6kV). The main propellers and equipment (dredging pump with drive, hydraulic power pack with the drive and accessories, flushing pump) are located on the central suction dredger float.

The sediment is extracted by a suction nozzle on a folding boom. A massive bucket wheel is placed in front of the suction nozzle to sufficiently disrupt the tightly seated material. Extraction and transport of sediment is ensured by the WARMAN pump driven directly by an electric motor, this set is in the deck of the excavator.

The floating suction dredger is anchored by means of two movable piles at the rear and by several mooring ropes. The movement of the excavator is fan-shaped. This means that one pilot is stuck (or the rear rope is anchored) and the excavator is pulled by one of the side winches. After reaching the limit position, the pilot releases itself, the second pilot is stuck and the second side winchl moves the excavator back. The fairleads of the rope of the side winch are located on the dredge boom, so that the dredging forces are transmitted to the dredger body only to a limited extent. Alternatively, the suction dredger can only be anchored and moved using anchor ropes without the use of piles.


The air-conditioned cabin is located above the central part of the pontoon. There is a control panel with an industrial automat in the cabin. The crew consists of an engineer, who has thanks to a perfect view, visualization on the monitor and the output of the camera system, the perfect overview of the operation of the machine.


Technical parameters

Width 5,7 m
Length 22,05
Length with carriage 27,55
Load displacement 50 t
Submersion 1 m
Maximum extraction depth 12 m
Pump´s motor performance 200 kW (990 ot/min)
Maximum dredging pump flow rate 540 m³/hod / per hour


(according to concentration and length of the transport route)