Floating Suction Dredger MudCut (Mates) – silt removal from ponds and streams

Ponds & rivers desilting

The MudCut floating suction dredger ("Mates") has completed our machinery with a machine that is suitable for mud extraction from natural water bodies and streams.

The suction dredger is very suitable for extraction on small and medium-sized water areas, where it´s required to model a flat bottom with the required gradient. The handling of the suction dredger is very easy (28 t truck crane), the movement of the suction dredger on the water surface is ensured by steel ropes anchored into the banks


Maximum transport parameters suction dredger - SB Mates (production MudCat name):

Total length of SD 11,2m
Pontoon length of SD 9,8m
Width of SD 2,45m
Height 2,4m

The dredger is transported on a standard semi-trailer and a crane of 28 t is sufficient for handling.