Processing of extracted sediment from ponds, water bodies and streams

Depending on its nature, sediment extracted by a floating suction dredger is diluted several times. In addition to the classical storage of the sediment into prepared lagoons, we also carry out dewatering.

PLOSAB Ltd. offers sediment dewatering by using machine dewatering technology or TenCate Geotube dewatering tubes.

Dewatering using the machine technology

Extracted sediment is cleared of coarse impurities on the vibration mechanism and accumulated in homogenization tanks. It is fed from the tanks to high-speed centrifuges where the solid and liquid components of the sediment are separated. The excavated sediment is further loaded and transported by lorries to the final disposal storage site.

This technology has the smallest footprint requirements and is suitable wherever there is a lack of space to build lagoons or place the dewatering tubes. The technology is very suitable for processing contaminated sediment.