Expert services - sediment analyses in an accredited laboratory

In connection with the silt removal from ponds we offer other expert services.


Surveying sediment by measuring boat

We carry out the measurements with our boat, named the „Water Strider“. It is a transportable inflatable boat fitted with TRIMBLE measuring instruments.

  • Measurement of the water bottom
  • Data processing and printing of maps
  • Cubic calculations


Sediment laboratory analyses and sediment processing

The laboratory offers accredited sampling of sediment and its subsequent processing in ENKI, o.p.s. - testing laboratory, according to Decree 257 / 2009Coll.

The laboratory is accredited by the Czech Accreditation Institute, o.p.s. under number 1612.

In our laboratory we will provide

  • Accredited sediment sampling, sediment analyses, laboratory analyses and processing
  • Water reservoir exploration and consultancy
  • Processing and analyses of sediment samples in an accredited laboratory
  • Evaluation of analyses results according to the requirements of Decree No. 257/2009 Coll.
  • Sampling and determination of the agrochemical properties of the soil to which the sediment is to be applied
  • Study on the possibilities of using sediments from water reservoirs
  • Monitoring of environmental parameters
  • Use of sediments on agricultural land