Mapping the bottom of water surfaces with a measuring boat Water Strider

We carry out the measurements with our boat, which we have named the WATER STRIDER. It is a transportable inflatable boat fitted with TRIMBLE measuring instruments.

  • Measurement of the bottom of the water body
  • Data processing and printing of maps
  • Cubic calculations
  • Print drawings to any format 


Technical specification:

  • GPS accuracy: 1 cm horizontal, 2 cm vertical
  • Sonar: frequency 235 kHz, beam width 8 ° to 10 °, measuring depth range up to 75 m, measuring accuracy +/- 0.025 m
  • Output formats: Trimble Business Center Project (VCE), Autocad (DXF, DWG), Geodatabase (XML), statement of points (TXT, CVS)


Measurement of sediment thickness:

The condition of the measurement is the existence of a clear material interface between the sediment and the bottom of the water body.