Pile driving on water – Larsen

Pile driving on water – Larsen

We offer pile driving larsen, stakes, pipes and profiles on the water using a floating suction dredger. We can make the shore fortification from the water, drive the stakes for the pier from the pond or river, build a boat dock, drive the mooring stakes.

We specialize in pile driving on water

  • Vibration pile driving into the water surface
  • Wooden stakes with a diameter of 210 - 325 mm
  • Larsen / sheet piles - profile width 400 - 1200 mm, profile depth 210 mm
  • Steel pipes, rods with a diameter of 90 - 457 mm
  • H profiles min. H180

The benefits of pile driving on water using the floating suction dredger

  • We only need access to the water in one place
  • Less noise and traffic pollution in the surrounding area of the project
  • Lower construction requirements